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pioneered, quality and merit to provide steady and solid construction

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work accuracy, and ensure gaining the client trust

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punctuality, quality service and business guarantee

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trust, professionally, creativity, innovation and punctuality

Water insulation

Water roll insulation is a kind of building water leakage insulation system being used on flat, or thereabouts, roofs and transfer water from ceilings.

Cement insulation

Cement insulation (chemical), is being considered thick and used in waterproofing through the use of heavy compounds based on cement and various additions that are being mixed and packaged for dry use.

Epoxy Insulate

Epoxy insulation is one of the best water insulation kinds for water tanks, floors and swimming pools specially car parking ground. There are two types of it: translucent and colored.

Arkan Alektsab Trading & construction establishment services

  • Thermal and water insulation and soundproofing

  • Air-conditioning and ventilation works

  • Maintenance, operating and cleaning works.

  • Electricity works.

Arakan Alektsab is seeking to provide value-added building and constructing services to our value clients. We undertake to establish fully ongoing relationships with our clients and gain their trust via exceptional work group members. We look forward to provide the highest level of services to our clients in short time and lower cost.

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Arkan Alektsab proud of large companies trust


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